Active Stock: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Look At Atlas For Marketing Revolution

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) has enhanced Atlas ad server that will be launched fully this week, and has been dubbed as “marketing nirvana” by one of the digital advertising CEO, according to Ad Week. The social networking site is now opening its knowledge base of its billion users for all marketers, which according to experts is extraordinary and increases their capacity to target messages in a whole new way.

Facebook will fully launched an elusive tool for the marketers that captures real behavior of real people, a step ahead of rivals. The social networker has taken the biggest step in unraveling its knowledge base for the ads across the apps, the mobile web and desktop; competing with the infrastructure of companies such as Google, ruler of digital advertising space.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) names it a “people based” marketing, where there is a large pool of information about the audiences with their real names and identities. Although a simple concept, it is elusive even for the biggest players in the technology field.

Facebook Inc: Atlas

According to Facebook, it has overcome the issues with Atlas, an ad server acquired last year. Atlas will give the choice of targeting to the marketers, which they can use in their campaigns on Facebook and apply them to advertising all over devices and publishers. The advantage enjoyed by the social networker is its vast customer base as no other Internet company, but Facebook has customer base of 1.3 billion.

The social networking site mentioned that Atlas will also track offline sales, recording campaigns from ad serving to purchase. According to the company, Instagram along with other platforms will be integrated into the new ad server.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Through its latest tool Atlas, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) can track the user’s activities beyond its own website like where users are spending their time other than Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB). Previously, the company launched Facebook Audience Network to deliver ads to partner apps.

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