Active Stock in News: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) records a Billion World Cup related Interactions

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) has so far recorded 1 billion posts, likes and comments related to the World Cup. Facebook interaction has reached a new level while breaking records thanks to this year’s Football World Cup. The event has ignited more actions on a social media platform than any other event in the history of the company. .

According to Facebook, the website saw over 1 billion posts, likes and comments from 220 million of its users. This is the first time that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) has ever surpassed the 1 billion mark when recording any type of event.

The social network giant Facebook shared a blog post on Monday in regards to the news. Facebook (NASDAQ FB) explained that it sees a lot of user interaction on sporting events but nothing like what was seen over this year’s World Cup. The site’s data editors have never seen interaction at such epic levels.

Facebook Inc: Statistics related to this heightened Interaction

Facebook shared the news of the milestone reached. Over 220 million of Facebook’s users left posts, comments and likes regarding the tournament, which began in mid-June. Over 31 million Facebook users engaged in 75 million posts all related to Saturday’s game between Brazil and Chile.

That level of online activity on Facebook regarding the World Cup was second to only the 140 million interactions engaged by 58 million during the opening match between Brazil and Croatia. Brazilian players also feature in the most liked and shared posts. Of the top 20 most-liked Facebook posts by World Cup athletes during the tournament, a combined 12 of them are by Brazilian teammates Neymar and David Luiz.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Business News

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Stock has not seen the best run in the recent times. The stock has had lukewarm movement, with the acquisition of WhatsApp not bringing in the desired results in the Stock Market. The news of Facebook getting record interactions would be warmly welcomed by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB). It remains to be seen how the market treats Facebook after its heightened usage.

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