Active Stock Update: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Having More Privacy Issues

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) is still having problems with privacy related stuff. In the past, Facebook has been often accused of violating the privacy of its users. The social networking giant will face similar problems in the coming months as it faces a lawsuit on the same issue. In this article, we will take a closer look at the privacy issues that are making it uncomfortable for Facebook to deal with.

Facebook has been accused of scanning through user messages in the past. Currently, another lawsuit has been filed on similar grounds. The social networking company now faces a class action lawsuit. Facebook was charged with some claims. Most of the claims were rejected by the court itself. However, some still remain and Facebook would need to face them in the coming months.

Facebook has commented that they did scan through the user messages. However, Facebook also said that this act of theirs was covered under an exception in the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The court has however ruled that Facebook is not giving sufficient explanations. They believe that the social networking site needs to come clean and justify their actions.

Facebook Inc: FB Scanning User

The complaint says that Facebook actually compiled the user likes and delivered targeted advertising through the same. Facebook did concede about the privacy breach saying that they did it for better advertisements. Whether Facebook comes away clean from this act of theirs remains to be seen.

However, Facebook has definitely lost the trust of their users. People are not sceptic about the extent to which they can trust the social networking giant and many believe that their accounts may not be as secure as Facebook claims.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook has been performing well on the market. The stock recently touched an all time high. WhatsApp and Instagram have also been performing well in terms of user growth.

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