Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) launches “Back to School” Program

Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) has surged into news, ahead of others as they came up with an exquisite promotional plan to lure users in numbers. The idea is to lure students, teachers or parents who intend to buy AAPL devices and prefer spending bucks in the form of gift cards.

The promotional offer started on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 and would pan out till September 9, 2014. The qualifying consumers would stand a chance to purchase an exquisite Mac through this exotic AAPL’s education price fixing program, that corroborate that all and sundry would receive a gift card that is priced at $100 from AAPL.

The promotional offer is limited to people from demographies like the UK, Canada, the US; only college students, faculty and staff members of any grades can avail distinct discounts by availing the offer.

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The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ AAPL) consumers would stand a chance to pick up any iPad or iPhone during this tenure and obtain a worthy $50 gift card. The promotional offer proclaims that the cards can be profoundly used at any of AAPL’s online stores or retail outlets.

Users stand a chance to make for the purchase by forwarding a call to 1-800-MY-APPLE and seek for details pertaining to the offer at hand and the gamut of users who can avail the promotional gift cards.

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Back in FY 2013, Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) offered a similar exquisite deal panning out with the same quota of $100 and $50 cards obtained as gifts from AAPL’s App store, iBookstore and iTunes Store. The ‘Back To School’ offer that AAPL has come up with shall be opened up to a large range of items in FY 2014. All and sundry who opts to buy iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro or iPhone 4s, 5s or 5c or any of the AAPL iPads, are qualified to avail the offer.

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