Biotech Stocks to Watch AbbVie and MannKind

Off late, Biotech stocks have seen some volatility. Here we look at two promising stocks: Abbvie (NYSE ABBV) and MannKind (NASDAQ MNKD). The two stocks have their fortunes at the opposite end of the spectrum. We take a look at what the future holds for the two stocks.

Despite three rejections so far, AbbVie is reportedly still attempting to convince Shire and its major shareholders that a buyout is in their best interest. Per sources familiar with the dealings, AbbVie’s CEO Richard Gonzalez traveled to London recently to hold discreet meetings with Shire’s largest shareholders. If a deal does come through, the stock may be in for an upside.

Shares of MannKind Corp. have now dropped nearly 7% since announcing the approval of its inhaled insulin product Afrezza by the Food and Drug Administration. The shares have hardly recovered since, as investors begin to take profits following the recent run-up heading into the approval.

AbbVie and MannKind

MannKind’s next catalyst is likely to be a partnership.The details of the widely anticipated commercialization partnership between Allergan and MannKind should ultimately dictate how this stock performs over the long term. And right now, only speculation can be done about the future of this partnership.

AbbVie’s renewed efforts at a buyout will amount to nothing unless they are willing to significantly up the tender offer. Shire’s management has repeatedly stated that the reported tender offer of $46 billion does not properly value the company in light of its growth prospects, especially those in the orphan drug arena. Shire believes its orphan drug portfolio should see sales of $10 billion by 2020. As such, they don’t appear to be keen on entertaining the current offer, regardless of any potential commercial synergies a merger would create.

AbbVie and MannKind News Video

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AbbVie and MannKind Financial News

Abbvie and MannKind both may have a promising run down the road. However, it may not be so prudent to invest in them right now. Abbvie’s immediate stock market future would depend upon the acquisition of Shire and for Mannkind, their pending deal would decide the stock’s future.

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