F1 LIve 2014 Singapore GP Live Stream + Formula 1 Race Video and Grand Prix Highlights, Results and Replay

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F1 2014 Live Streaming : The Formula 1 season returns this weekend with the F1 Grand Prix of Singapore live! On the Internet or on TV, Formula 1 fans can watch the Grand Prix from smartphones, tablets and laptops thanks to links provided below and on national TV channels. If you miss the Grand Prix of Singapore’s live stream, you can watch the highlights thanks to videos provided on this website on Sunday 21st September 2014 at 8:00 AM ET. Cloaked by the night and racing in the shadows, who will prevail in the Marina Bay Street Circuit?

Precious little could separate Hamilton and Rosberg as the two were locked in a furious race for pole position on Saturday. Strong performances by Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull have set up a mouth-watering race for tomorrow’s Grand Prix of Singapore. All the action from the fourteenth race of the 2014 Formula 1 calendar will be available to fans in the Grand Prix of Singapore live stream, with all the highlights and results from the night-time race!

Formula One Streaming

Formula 1 fans can watch the Grand Prix of Singapore live stream online or on national TV channels. Additional details to watch the race online are available here in the UK and here in the US. The TV channels which will be broadcasting the race include TSN (Canada), BBC (UK) and NBC Sports (USA).

A few minutes before the Grand Prix of Singapore, come back here on TechNews.org to know everything about the live stream of the race. At the end of the race, fans can also watch the highlights from the Grand Prix of Singapore.

Grand Prix of Singapore Live Stream

It doesn’t take too much for the Grand Prix of Singapore to turn into a competitive race, and Saturday’s qualifying sessions certainly points at another fiercely-contentious race. The Singaporean race track at the Marina Bay Street Circuit is characterized by its tight demeanor and challenging curves, and following the qualifying sessions, a cracking race seems to be on the cards.

Heading into the Grand Prix of Singapore, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are still battling it out atop the drivers’ standings, with just 22 points separating them. On Saturday, just 0.007s separated Hamilton, who obtained pole position, from his Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg. Mercedes fans tuning in to the Grand Prix of Singapore’s live stream will likely have to pick sides as the two chase the all-important first place.

Grand Prix of Singapore Preview

As much as the pole position is important in the Grand Prix of Singapore, the subsequent places can also have an important bearing on the race. Daniel Ricciardo, currently hanging on to the third place in the drivers’ championship, also starts third in the grid position. Trailing Rosberg by 72 points, Ricciardo will want to perform well and gain some ground on his adversaries if he wants to approach the top spot.

Ferrari’s drivers were also on spot to gain the fifth and seventh grid positions, sitting just behind Vettel and surrounding Felipe Massa, who starts sixth. Alonso, starting fifth, will be looking to record his first Grand Prix win of the season in the Grand Prix of Singapore’s live stream, while Kimi Raikkonen will be pressured to start his ascension from the tenth place in the driver’s standings.

Grand Prix of Singapore Video of Race and Highlights

The three-hose race atop the drivers’ championship is heating up, and with Hamilton chasing Rosberg for the elusive first place, Sunday’s Grand Prix of Singapore will reserve competition like none other. Six races are all that remain – can Hamilton or Ricciardo gun down Rosberg? All the action from today’s race will be available to Formula 1 fans in the Grand Prix of Singapore’s live stream, with the best highlights and results from the Marina Bay Street Circuit!

Before the Grand Prix of Singapore starts, come back on TechNews.org for more information and details to watch the Grand Prix of Singapore’s live stream here in the UK and here in the US. You can also watch the race’s highlights once they’re over, thanks to videos provided on this website.

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