A Threat to Facebook $FB Stock : Sharing On FB is Going Down

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) users are shying away from using its public content sharing method and are getting more inclined to the private methods. According to a report, Facebook sharing on mobile dropped 42.6% year over year, whereas sharing through message has increased by 259%. Pinterest sharing increased 131% in that time period.

Public sharing features of Facebook are being abandoned by users, who prefer more private methods of sharing information, says a study. Tamara Gaffney, Principal analyst for Adobe Digital Index, during an interview with Inside Facebook, noted about how users are sticking to more private methods of sharing through mobile rather than Facebook. The social networking company is largely affected by its own success as users have so many friends from various fields over Facebook.

Presently, most of the interactions are between mobile devices and Facebook, which is problematic “with getting smaller sets out this big thing that Facebook has become is likely to create a dampening on the amount of sharing,” said Gaffney

Facebook Inc: Public Sharing goes Down

This is not good for a media company, as it will want more sharing on Facebook to generate the traffic. More sharing is required on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) because of its larger base, where people are expected to click more on ads.

According to Gaffney, users keep on adding more and more friends, and whatever they share does not hold relevance for everyone in the friend list. On the contrary, sharing information over iMessage can be kept limited to only users, who are interested in the content. There is, of course, an option to create friend list over Facebook, but it can be complicated over mobile.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) boasts of being a mobile company, but according to Adobe most referrals from the site come from the desktop. As per the report, 60% of the Facebook referrals come from PC whereas only 25% cone from a smartphone. On the basis of referrals, Facebook stands at third-place after Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) is performing good in terms of average revenue per visit (RPV) to retail sites front, primarily on the tablet. On an average, a tablet user generates revenue of $1.55 when they are referred to a retail site from Facebook. Tumblr is ahead in terms of RPV on tablets with $2.57.

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