Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Builds Its Lead In Social Logins, Google+ Is Distant Second

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) has increased its market dominance as measured by logins, with 55% of all social logins and 64% of mobile logins for 2Q14, well ahead of second place Google+ which had 27% and 25% respectively. Facebook also has more than 80% of social logins in many emerging markets including the Middle East and Africa.

You might think that Google+ would be able to draw naturally on the huge number of Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) Android users out there, but that clearly hasn’t been the case. Just as giving every gmail user a Google+ account exploded the early account numbers without actually creating much activity, the success of Google Android hasn’t extended to the search giant’s social network.

Meanwhile Twitter Inc (NYSE TWTR) is gaining ground against its larger competitors, though it still has to answer big questions about how it will monetize the its platform, and as a niche professional networking site with much lower general appeal, LinkedIn Corp (NYSE LNKD) is probably doing fine making it onto the list of serious social networks.

Facebook Inc: The Numbers

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB)’s numbers are actually pulled down by North America, where it only has 53% of all social logins. It has 62% share in Europe, but this includes Russia where VK is far more popular, implying that Facebook’s EU share is probably pushing 70%.

It’s even more popular in the rest of the world, with more than 80% of social logins in South and Central American, and the Middle East and Africa. There had been concerns in the past that Facebook may not be able to extend its reach either into other parts of the globe or into people’s mobile habits, but it’s clearly succeeded on both fronts.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) is growing at a much faster rate than Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) and almost any other competitor. Shares in Facebook are already highly valued, however, so it’s unclear whether the company’s investors are willing to boost its price, even if digital ads grow much faster than anticipated. The analysts put a price target of $80 on the company’s shares, a number that would be a new all time high at Menlo Park.

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