Facebook Stock impacted by NASDAQ:FB Business News : Outage, Android App and Slingshot

(NASDAQ:FB) This is TechNews.org selection of financial news on Facebook and the Facebook stock NASDAQ:FB, with the business impact of the new Facebook Android App, the Facebook outage and the promising Facebook’s Slingshot mobile application. Facebook is now back at 100% after a 30-minute outage.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is fully operational after a 30-minute outage which affected the social network’s web and mobile site as well as connected apps. The outage caused a short but intense storm of tweets, either complaining about the site’s unavailability or making fun of it.

Facebook Makes Android App 65% Smaller, 50% More Data Efficient For Developing World

Facebook is reaching saturation in its primary markets, but these emerging markets have very different mobile network and device conditions than in Facebook’s home country of the USA. Rather than LTE access, high-end smartphones, and lots of iPhones, many in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America rely on low-end Android phones connected to slower networks.

How Popular Will Facebook’s Slingshot App Become?

(NASDAQ:FB) Facebook’s new feature Slingshot is designed specifically for social media content creators, so how popular will it become? It may be very useful within a very specific group, for a period of time. Teens like a feeling of “exclusivity”, and they are inveterate gamers. Social media experts will also be fine with it, and hopefully within THAT specific group, it will lead to higher quality exchange between them. Visual exchange is definitely pulling ahead as a front runner vs words in the media of choice among teens and trendsetters, as well as increasing frequency and personalizing exchanges with contacts.

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