Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Stock News: Facebook Adds Another Antivirus Engine

The World’s leading social networking website, Facebook, has added another antivirus engine in its efforts to better security and further protect its users. On Wednesday, FB announced that they will partner ESET and add its software to the abuse prevention and detection systems.

Prior to its partnership with ESET, Facebook has also partnered with the likes of F-secure and Trend Micro. These software help in protecting users from malicious contents. Malicious contents can be coming through various links posted on the social networking site.

Facebook has a total of more than a billion users. FB hopes to make itself secure for all of them by using the above three mentioned software. With more software being used, the probability of malicious attacks should reduce considerably. Off late, the number of such links in the news feed and messages have increased considerably.

Facebook Inc: FB Fights Malware

The problem of such links is not restricted to Facebook alone. Twitter has been heavily infected with such malicious links. Such links appear to be very tempting and full of information. however, in reality they are malicious for the users’ systems.

With increasing popularity Facebook has fast become the favourite for the attackers. A large user base can be targeted from a single link. One such malware is named koobface, whose debut goes back to the year of 2008. Since then it has attacked a number of systems around the world and has gone undetected for long. A study has shown that around 20% of the Facebook users are affected from this malware.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Security software are very useful in making the social networking sites prone to malicious attacks. The use of new software like ESET should help level up the defence mechanism of Facebook. However, the threat always remain, even though it is definitely reduced. The effectiveness of ESET remains to be seen.

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