Facebook (NASDAQ FB) to Launch “Mentions Box” at Emmys

The phrase “Mentions Box” doesn’t sound too ominous, but just wait until you get a glimpse at the huge tablet-and-protective-case setup that Facebook will be deploying at this year’s Emmys. Members of the TV show Access Hollywood will give said Mentions Boxes to celebrities in attendance at the event. Before doing so, they’ll either select the celebrity’s name from a list on the Mentions Box, or they’ll just pick a more generic “general” category for said person.

Fans of Access Hollywood, or the celebrity in question, will submit questions for their favorite stars (or celebrities in general) to answer. Once a celebrity gets his or her hands on the giant Mentions Box, the person will shake it—yes, like a Magic 8-Ball—and one of the user-submitted questions will appear.

Said celebrity can then tap a big, blue “Record Response” button on the Mentions Box and record a video answer to said question—in the same style as how one might normally take a selfie on a tablet or smartphone. The celebrity then tosses the big device back to the person who gave it to them, who then gives the video response a title and caption before uploading it to Facebook.

Facebook Inc: Mentions Box

“After many discussions, brainstorms, and rapid prototyping efforts focused on how to best represent the Facebook platform in physical space, we landed on something between a Magic 8-Ball in function and an Etch-A-Sketch in form. Ultimately, we settled on a tablet encased in a polycarbonate form factor finished off with a luxury car finish,” reads a description from iStrategyLabs.

[grabpress_video guid=f8fc41f7805249f9e8d2ae7aa80abe6268efc01e embed_id=2151919]

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As for Facebook’s interest in being a part of the Emmy buzz in some capacity, it’s speculated that the service is looking to court celebrities—especially those who might otherwise turn to services like Twitter for their daily life updates. The latter only requires celebrities to make a post in order to get in touch with all of their fans.

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