Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) builds its own Networking Switches


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has introduced wedge, which is an Ethernet Switch based on Linux and will be used in Software Defined Networking by Facebook. This is a big step from Facebook which would allow them to have their own networking switches to transport information from one system to another. Its importance lies in the huge traffic which Facebook host and the speed that it assures to the customers.

FB’s Wedge is built around the same processors which are used by the servers. Facebook has taken similar initiatives in the past, with the primary focus staying on the management of traffic from its users. FB’s Wedge would enable Facebook to have limited reliance on Hardware tools from other companies like Cisco and VMware.

Wedge further provides the services of Networking at high speed of around 40 gigabits per second, while keeping the costs down for Facebook. Facebook would not need to pay high premiums to Networking firms in order to get services. Facebook would also welcome the flexibility that it gets, by getting the ability to control and configure the workload which the site gets.

FB’s Wedge

FB have recently introduced Wedge as a part of their open commute project. As an open source switch, Wedge has a lot of potential. Via Open Commute, Facebook plans to make the hardware as open source. It has already seen popular interest from various companies like Microsoft, Bloomberg and others.

However, Wedge is still in its early phases and probably requires a lot of testing and further enhancements before FB would make it available it to the major markets. How much cost the wedge is able to save for Facebook and others, remains to be seen practically.

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Along with the price advantage, Wedge provides a major flexibility advantage to Facebook. With the website facing high traffic which would only increase in the coming times, such devices would be welcomed by Facebook. According to various sources, the switch market is projected to reach $61 billion by 2017, which would mean a gain of around 5% from the current usages. This marks the importance of Facebook’s innovation.

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