Google (NASDAQ GOOG) patches “Drive” right before the Launch of Drive 2.0

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has began launching the Drive 2.0 according to thousands of people online who are noticing the difference. Google Drive 2.0 was announced in the midst of the Google IO activity. The new and improved Google Drive brings forth a much more user-friendly interface, simulating that of a regular desktop file manager.

Meanwhile, the Google Drive Android app has seen bug fixes and changes in features for better efficiency and quicker work. Prices also lowered on the Drive to attract more customers. These price cuts probably occurred in order to compete with similar cloud storage services like Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive. Currently, Google Drive has the lowest prices among this competition.

A change on Drive was required as the files linked to click-able URL presented Google with a worrisome privacy issue that the company has now fixed. Google explained its fix in a blog post, which outlines the exact nature of the flaw.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Drive and Drive 2.0

While the launch of Drive 2.0 is great for Google (NASDAQ GOOG), a worrying privacy issue it also coming to light that could have allowed corporate and personal information to fall in to the wrong hands prior to Google supplying the fix. Quite simply, cloud data is vulnerable when accessed with a link.

The problem Google had is very similar to one that Dropbox experienced with hyperlink vulnerability earlier this year. Beyond these changes, Google Drive 2.0 has added options for users to let others see a document, share links, and print documents with much more simplicity. This expands the ability to collaborate on materials quickly and from a distance.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

While it’s likely that Google has indeed fixed the problem, anyone who stills has concerns as well as sensitive information in the cloud would be wise to take the documents down and re-upload them if they still have a need for cloud access to these documents.

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