Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Stock News: All You Need to Know About Nexus 6

The Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Nexus 6 is the latest attempt from the software giant to make a serious impression on the mobile marketplace. This latest Android smartphone enters a very competitive marketplace, with the iPhone 6 still selling extensively for Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) after its September release, and with Samsung Galaxy phablet releases also on the horizon.

This will be a key mobile release for Google, given that the Nexus range is very much a flagship Android device for the corporation. Considering that Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) is the author of the Android software, one might expect this particular mobile release to be well optimized to run with the operating system, even though it isn’t strictly manufactured by the Google corporation.

The question of who will build the Nexus 6 would seem to be answered by the name of Motorola at this point in time. This could be considered something of a surprise, as Google made the decision to sell off Motorola Mobility to Chinese electronics firm Lenovo in January of this year.

Many predicted that HTC would be involved in the manufacture of this Nexus device, but it would appear instead that Google will enlist its services for the next range of Nexus tablets.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Nexus 6

Although the working title of this mobile is the Google Nexus 6, and most publications and analysts are assuming that Google will use this name, such an assumption cannot be considered to be 100 percent solid. Other suggested names have been Shamu and Moto S, although it seems far more likely that these are merely codenames for the device.

The most notable aspect of the design of the Google Nexus 6 is its sheer size. This is in accordance with the recent trend for phablet releases, with even Apple putting out its first phablet in the shape of the iPhone 6 Plus.

However, Google should probably pay heed to the fact that Samsung is in fact struggling financially of late, with recent figures pretty damning for the Korean corporation. Samsung has built its reputation on phablets to a certain degree, at least in the mobile sphere, and this sales malaise may be indicative of the fact that the public appetite for phablets is waning.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Speculation is still rife on this topic, but it has been suggested that the Nexus 6 could cost around $450 for a 64 GB model. This was based on a European listing off a Nexus device, but it is thought that Google will convert this price into dollars, even though the exchange rate would in fact make the price $570.

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