Highlights of the Most Profitable Mobile Gaming Apps in the World

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Mobile Games can make money! This amazing report lists the best Mobile Gaming Apps from across the world. Coming from Finland, Sweden, Japan or South Korea, these Top 10 most profitable mobile games ruled the charts this year. While the app editors may not be the most renowned ones, their mobile games which make it to the top 10, certainly are.

In its recent report on Android and iOS mobile gaming applications rankings, App Annie highlights the most profitable apps in the mobile gaming category. As it turns out, the best gaming apps are made by companies from across the world.

From social games to video slots games and battle games, here are the highlights of the Top 10 list of profit-making mobile games along with their publishers. These mobie gaming apps are currently being played :

Top Ten Most Profitable Mobile Gaming Apps

1. Clash of Clans : Publisher – Supercell
2. The Simpsons: Tapped Out : Publisher – EA
3. Puzzle and Dragons : Publisher – GungHo Online
4. Hay Day : Publisher – Supercell
5. Candy Crush Saga: Publisher – King.com
6. Kingdom of Camelot: Battle for the North : Publisher – Kabam
7. CSR Racing : Publisher – NaturalMotion
8. Minecraft : Publisher – Mojang
9. DragonVale : Publisher – Backflip Studios
10. Diffusion Million Arthur: Publisher – Square Enix

App install figures show that the publishers on the top 10 list are dispersed throughout the world. While companies like Zynga have the biggest audience by a large margin for social games and rakes in cash from its Facebook titles, they are finding it hard to make money out of their products. In 2014, mass audience monetization has become the biggest challenge for worldwide mobile gaming publishers.

Zynga’s Arch Rivals, EA, also are not faring particularly well in the market. EA has only one game in the top 10 list. The most profitable game, Clash of Clans, makes more than a million dollars a day, as per the report. Clash of Clans’ publishers Supercell have been very particular in accommodating the new users and not overwhelming them with a plethora of features. Of this List Candy Crush Saga has been the most upcoming App with the game jumping 28 places to rise to the fifth spot in the rankings.

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