How and Where to Sell Your Old Desktop Computer

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While some people are happy to recycle their old electronics like computers, others realize that their old computer gear still has value. Selling your old computer equipment isn’t likely to completely fund your new computer purchase, but it may certainly help defray some of the expense. Many buyers are in search of great deals on used equipment, so you simply need to tap into a used market in order to sell your unwanted computer items like hard drives, monitors, and printers.

Remove Personal Information

It’s important to get your computer gear ready for a potential sale by removing any personal files and photos. In essence, you’ll want to wipe the computer’s hard drive clean. Not only will you feel better knowing that you won’t be sharing any of your personal information, you’ll be able to inform potential buyers that they’re getting a cleaned-up piece of gear that is ready for them to use.

Speed Up Your PC

Since buyers may want to boot up your old computer before purchasing, it makes sense to try to pep it up. There are some programs that can prompt it to start faster. Also, by removing unnecessary files and programs, the computer is likely to run faster. You can perform some computer maintenance checks using onboard PC tools as well. Finally, be sure any malware or viruses are removed before you sell your old desktop.

Choose a Selling Venue

While you might have luck selling your old gear at a yard sale or area swap meet, you have a far better chance of securing a good deal by selling to an auction company or a venue that specializes in the resale of used computer gear. An auction service, for instance, specializes in this type of equipment and has an audience of potential buyers lined up for each auction. Some sellers, of course, have like by using online auction sites like eBay, but shipping can be an obstacle. Be sure you weigh the items so you can accurately convey the cost to ship your old desktop; you don’t want to lose money on the deal!

You might be surprised to discover that your old computer gear as value. You’ll feel great knowing you made some extra cash on items you no longer need and also helped someone find a good deal on used gear.

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