How Dependable and Advantageous Are Dish Network Internet Data Plans?

Dish Network Internet Sattelite

One of the most reliable, affordable and helpful satellite internet service providers in the country, Dish Network offers high-speed, quality internet solutions for virtually any budget. But how much value does the service provide when compared with other satellite internet companies? Also, are their solutions up to par with the standards required by the average internet user?

Speed and Dependability

When it comes to the speed and reliability offered by Dish Network, internet connections can be quite fast and dependable overall. Of course, the limitations of satellite internet will not allow you to use advanced online services such as real time internet gaming because of the somewhat unstable nature of satellite internet, but with 5Mbps available with the cheaper plan and 15Mbps on the more expensive dishNET internet service offer, you can often get speeds of up to 40 time quicker than dial-up.

These are the generally accepted advertised numbers, but how well does Dish fare in the practical world?

While the peak speeds for their most valuable plan is about 10Mbps, you can expect on average to reach a speed of about 7-8Mbps depending on weather conditions and other influencing factors. Also, if you exceed the allocated bandwidth of 10-30Gb, your speed will drop further until it’s restored at the end of the month.

Service Features and Options

DishNET also provides a variety of service features, including 5 email addresses – with 2Gb of storage each – as well as a download manager and a customizable homepage.

Also, when compared with other satellite internet providers, Dish Networks is one of the most affordable ones, especially if you take into account the various options and discounts available on the bundled plans and the value they provide for the small monthly fee you’d have to pay.

If you’re interested in using Dish Network internet, you can benefit from a variety of different options:

  • You can browse the web, send emails and visit your favorite social media websites.
  • You will be able to upload and download photos, documents and other files.
  • With the more advanced data plans, you can also stream music and internet videos without having to worry too much about speed or bandwidth.
  • Video chat and HD video downloads are also available.

Customer Support

Specialty review sites have given Dish Network 10 out of 10 when it comes to determining their customer support reliability. The company not only responds quite fast to the requests of its customers, but delivers helpful information and useful support options that can help them solve virtually any issue that does not require the intervention of an expert.

Also, one of the things you will probably love about Dish Network internet support services is that their representatives are far less pushy compared to other providers. This means you won’t get annoying messages and calls from support representatives trying to sell you additional services.

Reviews and Testimonials

Most people have commended the quick and easy installation, reliability and speed of the Dish Network internet access solutions, while only a very small number have complained that customer support is a little slower than they’d expect. Even they have admitted, however, that Dish has an extremely helpful and friendly customer service.

Many have said that from the moment the Dish experts installed their internet, they have experienced a stable connection and speeds of well over 5Mbps. Also, some have said that the “anytime” and “bonus” data plans were not exactly the best in terms of what they needed, but for the price, it was more than enough.

Generally, the features, speed, reliability and support you get along with Dish Network’s offers are well above average. Also, you will find that the generous discounts provided in exchange for the bundles available will help you save a considerable amount in the long run.

Written by Robert Kleymore
Internet technology expert, MIT graduate and a passionate blogger.

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