How Enterprise Websites are Benefiting from Web Acceleration

Today’s mission critical applications include everything from business intelligence, document management, and collaboration to help desk, eCommerce, eLearning, CRM, sales force management, and more. These applications absolutely need to perform well for all users regardless of their geographic locations. Earlier web acceleration technologies were designed for static content, not the dynamic content generated by modern web applications.

What is Dynamic Web Acceleration

Content delivery networks speed the delivery of static content by caching copies on a distributed network. While effective for content that rarely changes, these networks have struggled to speed the delivery of dynamic content. Businesses using web applications, for example, generate dynamic content. Since that content changes frequently, it’s not practical, nor is it effective, to cache it with a traditional CDN. A dynamic web acceleration solution is required. 

Why Enterprise Organizations Need Web Acceleration

Why do enterprise organizations need a dynamic Web acceleration solutions? Most have moved their business applications to the cloud. While this move looks good on paper, performance has become a major issue for many remote users.

Whether catering to eCommerce customers who expect ultra-fast page loads or improving the user experience for a distributed workforce who relies on web applications, organizations need to deliver content in an expedient manner. If they don’t, users will become frustrated and likely to abandon their systems. 

Benefits of Web Acceleration :
Web acceleration can deliver numerous benefits to the enterprise including:
– Increased productivity
– An improved user experience
– Better collaboration
– More satisfied customers

Emerging Enterprise-specific Web Acceleration Solutions 

As more enterprises add mobile access to their customer-facing portals and productivity applications, many rely on the notoriously unreliable public Internet resulting in a slow user experience. 

Traditional CDNs aren’t focused on enterprise needs, however, making enterprise web acceleration solutions hard to find. That appears to be changing with the emergence of web application solutions made specifically for enterprise organizations from companies such as Aryaka.

These solutions address the challenges of both static and dynamic web acceleration by bypassing the public Internet in favor of a private network optimized for dynamic and real-time content. 

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