Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Stock Analysis: What Can Investors Expect from Windows 10

With Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) having announced the new Windows 10 operating system, attention of its potential customer base will now turn to what the software giant purports to offer in this updated Windows. Particularly critical to Microsoft with this release will be getting the business community back on its side, as Windows 8 was singularly unsuccessful in attracting commercial customers.

Windows 8 flopped all over the world…can Microsoft convince the corporate sector to sign up for Windows 10? Given that Microsoft has completely skipped Windows 9 as a name, the suggestion is that Windows 10 is a complete break with the past. One could understand why Microsoft would wish to particularly distance itself from Windows 8; certainly the least successful Windows release within the last 10 years, and arguably the worst of all time (although some people would afford this is dubious honour to Millennium Edition).

With this in mind, Microsoft has completely focused on the business community with the information it has released about Windows thus far. In fact, the benefits for the everyday consumer haven’t even really been mentioned at all, and we probably won’t find out more about what Microsoft intends to offer the average man and woman in the street until next year.

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So what is Microsoft offering business customers of Windows 10? Cynics would argue that the first thing is simply the opportunity not to use Windows 8! In line with this assumption, Microsoft has promised that Windows 10 will be considerably more intuitive than its predecessor. This is particularly essential for the business community for a variety of reasons.

Naturally, corporate clients want to be able to install an operating system as easily as possible, and have it pay off for their everyday operations. But also we often forget that large parts of even the contemporary workforce are still not particularly IT literate, and in this respect some of the decision-making related to Windows 8 can be described as little more than disastrous. Windows 10 will apparently redress this balance.

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Microsoft has also assured developers that there will be a singular, unified development platform for Windows 10.

A new feature also included in Windows 10 has been dubbed ‘Continuum’. This particular functionality is intended to benefit users utilizing two-in-one PCs. Effectively this is an intelligent system which insures that the Windows 10 user interface adapts in real-time to the device that you’re using.

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