Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Stock News: A Full View Of Microsoft’s Ventures

Since Satya Nadella has taken the charge of Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT), Microsoft has seen some major changes. Cloud and Gaming segments have been the most visible ones. But overall, there has been a shift in focus. The Microsoft MSFT Stock has also responded to these changes in a positive way.

Microsoft has seen a huge growth in revenues. In the first quarter this year, revenues for Microsoft grew by around 25%. This is a lot of growth for a company which saw very little movement for a very long time. The revenues were above the market estimates by well over a billion.

So what exactly has Nadella done right, which has helped Microsoft grow so much? Or is it something which Ballmer was doing wrong during his CEO tenure at Microsoft. Whichever be the case, MSFT stock looks hotter by the day and hence it should be no worry for the MSFT investors to buy such a stock. Here in this article we take a close look at the changes which Nadella has brought in.

News on Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)

Cloud has been one of the major segments which Nadella has taken seriously. Azure and Office 365 have seen some very positive reviews and hence going forward Microsoft may continue down the same line. Office 365 has seen growth of around 25% in the first quarter. Azure’s revenue have more than doubled over the previous year.

Microsoft have got a solid console sale to boost about. Although Sony PS4 has been a leader in the segment for a solid timeframe, Xbox One finally outperformed PS4 to become the number one gaming console. Nadella’s confidence in Xbox Gaming is immense and he should see the rewards for the same in due time.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Other than Cloud and Gaming, Microsoft have continued with their bread and butter OSs. With Windows 10, Microsoft aims to put behind the debacle of Windows 8. Whether it would be successful in doing so, remains to be seen.

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