Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Stock News: A Preview of Windows 9

Windows 9 may be the most-anticipated version of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT)’s operating system in years. Windows 8 did not go over well with desktop users, so everyone who users a PC or laptop wants to see if Windows 9 will address all of the things they don’t like. But amid all the rumors and speculation, it may be harder to address all of those issues than some believe.

First, he believes Microsoft will have to separate the enterprise version of Windows 9 from the consumer version. Prior to Windows XP, they were separate, and he said that at the time, it made sense because tablets were not yet in existence. However, he notes that consumer and business devices are very different from each other, so he thinks it would make sense to separate them again.

He points out that the majority of business laptops run Office, a browser, and virtually nothing else. He also notes that enterprise customers don’t want to see a lot of changes, however, on the consumer side, people like to see innovations, particularly in mobile devices and software. He thinks that in order to keep conservative IT departments at enterprise customers happy without slowing down innovation on the consumer side, Windows 9 may have to offer separate versions.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT): Will Windows 9 solve the top complaints of Windows 8 users?

Perhaps the biggest complaint with Windows 8 is the difficulty in using it on PCs and laptops. It’s certainly a beautiful mobile operating system that’s easy to use with a touchscreen, but it’s more difficult for some users to navigate with a mouse. People have grown accustomed to the Start menu, and when it disappeared with Windows 8, many just couldn’t figure out how to use it.

There have been plenty of rumors and speculations about what Microsoft could do to fix the desktop experience, like bringing back the Start menu. Indeed, executives promised to “improve” the desktop experience, and Bott notes that while the company did make some incremental improvements with Windows 8.1, there’s still room to improve.

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

Bott also thinks Microsoft must do something about Internet Explorer, particularly because some developers don’t even care about supporting it because it doesn’t have a good reputation. The company seemed to have all but abandoned its web browser at one time.

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