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Watch MotoGP live stream with a round 8 from the 2014 MotoGP season returning to Assen with the Grand Prix of the Netherlands! On the Internet or on TV, MotoGP fans can watch today’s race from smartphones, tablets and laptops thanks to links provided below and on national TV channels. If you miss the Assen MotoGP live stream, you can watch its highlights thanks to videos provided on this website on Saturday 28th June 2014. The MotoGP season returns at 8:00AM ET in Assen – all eyes on the first place in Netherlands.

21-year-old Marc Marquez has been faultless so far in the first 7 races from the 2014 MotoGP season, winning all of them and boasting 175 points – 58 more than Valentino Rossi, sitting in second place. Rossi will be aiming to replicate last year’s success in the Assen MotoGP race, when he ran out winner. Assen’s track, the only one which holds races on a Saturday in the MotoGP calendar, is the only one to have held a round of the Motorcycle World Championship every year since it was created in 1949.

This year all eyes will be on Marquez and Valentino – will the gap widen further?

National TV channels will be broadcasting the Assen race. Fans can watch the race on Fox Sports 1 (USA), BT Sport (UK), Eurosport Player (France), Fox Sports Australia (Australia) and Sky Italia (Italy). More details about the Assen MotoGP live stream are available here.

A few minutes before the Assen MotoGP, come back here on to know everything about the live stream of the race. At the end of the race, fans can also watch the highlights from the Assen MotoGP.

Assen MotoGP Live Stream

All eyes will be on the top 3 in the MotoGP live stream. In spite of a brilliant season, Movistar Yamaha motorist Valentino Rossi finds himself trailing behind Marc Marquez. The Spaniard finished 2013 World Champion, yet didn’t have the best of times at the Assen MotoGP race, in spite of finishing second. This time round, Marquez will be looking to trump Rossi to a first place finish and further cement his place atop the MotoGP rankings.

In the Assen MotoGP, well-known for its festive environment, Dani Pedrosa too is expected to be hot on Valentino Rossi’s trails. Pedrosa, who, like Marquez, is on the Repsol Honda Team, finds himself 5 points shy of Rossi, and will be looking to close the gap or nullify it altogether.

Assen MotoGP Preview

Arguably one of the most anticipated races in the MotoGP season, the Assen MotoGP is already promising thrills and excitement. Pundits are hinting that another Marquez victory could be detrimental to the MotoGP’s competitive nature. Nevertheless, the Repsol Honda motorist seems confident that he can do better than last year.

Valentino Rossi has triumphed six times in the Assen MotoGP, and was breathing down Marquez’s neck in Catalunya. With almost half of the 2014 season over, all the pressure will be on Rossi and Pedrosa in the Assen MotoGP live stream – but do they have what it takes to start closing in on Marquez?

Assen MotoGP Highlights Video

Round 8 of the MotoGP season is here. In the Netherlands, Marquez will be looking to make it eight wins from eight, but other motorists, Rossi and Pedrosa in particular, will demand a say. All is set for a thrilling Assen MotoGP race. Make sure you don’t miss any of the MotoGP live stream action!

Before the Assen MotoGP race starts, come back on for more information and details to watch the MotoGP live stream here. You can also watch the race’s highlights after it finishes, thanks to videos provided on this website.

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