Product Analysis: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Windows 10 To Revive Windows Fortune

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) are looking to re emerge in the operating system market with the launch of Windows 10. After a dismal performance from Windows 8, it looks like Microsoft would leave no stone unturned for Windows 10. The new operating system seems all set to come out this summer. Microsoft have already had a technical preview of the product which can well be termed as a success. Not a lot of people are predicting Windows 10 to be similar to Windows 8.

Here in this article, we will take a look at the features of Windows 10 which make the product such a nice buy. The new operating system brings in a host of changes which may well make the product even more attractive. We will also consider the impact which Windows 10 may have on the MSFT stock in the long run.

Windows 10 is supposedly all set for a launch in June. This launch would be huge for the MSFT stock as Windows has always been the staple product for the stock. Even though the recent policies support more mobile and cloud sectors, operating system still reigns in the core of Microsoft’s portfolio.

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Microsoft have been busy making in a host of changes for Windows 10. Windows 10 would be having the start menu, which was omitted in the previous windows version. The start menu would have the tiles feature, a resemblance to Windows 8. Windows 10 would also be using Cortuna which would be helpful in making Windows 10 look more sophisticated.

Microsoft have made the Windows 10 operating system mobile friendly. This means that the operating system would be doing well on mobile devices. This was supported by the release of Microsoft Office suite for mobiles. This would be a major accomplishment for Microsoft which becomes more mobile friendly by the day.

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Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) seem like a great stock to buy currently. It would be interesting to see the stock performance in the coming months, especially with the release of Microsoft Windows 10 in the offing.

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