Ramadan 2014 USA : Schedule, Rules and Calendar

Ramadan 2014 USA Schedule Calendar

Ramadan 2014 and the Muslim holy month starts on Saturday June 28 2014. Throughout the Ramadan 2014 Calendar, Muslim Americans gather in mosques and homes in the USA. Here are the details of the 2014 Ramadan in the United States, with rules, schedules and calendar to perform congregational night prayers.

The 1.2 billion Muslims in the world worldwide have received Ramadan greetings from the President of the United States of America, for the launch of a Ramadan Calendar in 2014. A tradition of the American presidents since the early 1990s.

All over the USA, Muslim communities gather during the Ramadan 2014 to perform 30 nightly prayers over 30 days. For example, after the Iftar meal at sundown, Muslim families perform the special nightly prayer, to show devotion and seek forgiveness.

Ramadan 2014 USA

In the US major cities like New-York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Washington DC, Chicago… islamic centers welcom the best Koran reciters from the World and the American muslims to perform the Ramadan traditional rituals. For Muslim American groups, Ramadan has served as an annual opportunity to educate the American public about the holidays of Muslims and the Islamic faith. All details are listed in this link.

Despite having differences in beliefs, the religiosity of American Muslims is comparable to Christians. According to the Pew Research Center for 72% of U.S. Muslims religion is “very important,” as compared to 60% of U.S. Christians who told Pew they feel the same way.

During this Ramadan 2014, there is a real opportunity to get to know real Muslims in the country and share the traditions of Islam. A great way to get to know the real Ramadan 2014 in the USA, with tips and details listed in this link.

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