Stock Focus: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) confirms Windows 9 Event on Sept 30

Microsoft is headed to the backyard of Apple and other tech giants with a San Francisco event to close the month. Since 1995, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) has unveiled eight new versions of its Windows operating system. Oddly, they have followed a pattern of roughly “good,” “awful,” “good” and so forth.

As most would agree that 2012’s Windows 8 was rubbish there are high hopes for the release of Windows 9 and with invitations leaving Microsoft’s offices today the launch of Windows 9 is essentially official now. The company will be holding a “Windows event” September 30 that is expected to focus on both enterprise and the power user with Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore expected to lead a discussion about the future of Windows.

The invitations promise a “Windows Technical Preview” either on that date or shortly thereafter. In the last week, a number of details about the new operating system have been leaked. This includes a new Start menu, a feature to include virtual desktops and a brand spanking new Notification Center.

It’s believed that the company has also been tweeking the user interface found on the desktop by flattening the icons it has used in the past as well as changing the taskbar appearance with Cortana integration in mind. Presumably, there are a number of other changes that haven’t been leaked either by design or by websites privy to changes.

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Many have been calling for a Windows event in recent weeks and it looks like they will get their wish. The release of Windows 8 in 2012 was largely viewed as a great failure though rumblings were somewhat muted by the company’s roll-out of its Surface line of tablets. For the most part, few believe that this event will include a preview of the new version of Windows RT which is expected not this year but sometime in early 2015.

Consumers shouldn’t get to excited about the event as it’s meant to address developers and enterprise in that order with consumers in the rear-view mirror at this time.

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September 30 should be a mark out date for Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT). Stay tuned for updates regarding the same.

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