Microsoft Stock Slams Apple Yet Again (NASDAQ MSFT AAPL)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) is still taking digs at rival Apple in new ads for Surface Pro 3, but instead of slamming their rival’s best-selling iPad tablet, the tech giant knocked MacBook Air instead. In the ads, Microsoft claimed Surface is just as powerful as MacBook Air. It also boasts the tablet’s ability to be a laptop and a tablet computer, complete with a detachable keyboard and pen to make the user experience more interactive.

Microsoft makes another dig at Apple, this time the dig is directed at the MacBook Air laptop. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s attempts at taking deep digs at rival Apple isn’t helping the company. Sales for the Surface tablet were low thanks to poor reviews. Complaints included frequent app crashes, and lack of user comfort. It was the poor sales that also prompted the company to nix plans of releasing the Surface Mini.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT): Microsoft Slams Apple

Microsoft has been failing to capture the tech market for the past few years and much of this can be attributed to the shift towards mobile. For the longest time, Microsoft has paved the way with a strong lead in desktop and laptop sales. Now that more people are ditching computers for smartphones and tablets, the company is failing to capture a key market. And that is not the only top concern the company has to worry about.

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ MSFT) Business News

The software maker is also failing to get more people in emerging markets to pay for Windows software. Microsoft is taking the initiative to do something about it by offering Windows 8 at a discount to computer manufacturers who are willing to install Bing search engine as the default search feature.

Microsoft is also giving away versions of Windows 8 for smartphones and tablet computers. The major concern behind the lack of software sales is piracy. Taiwan tech blogger Ben Thompson claims Microsoft’s great danger is that there may be virtually no revenue from PCs because of piracy.

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