Stock in Action: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Stock hits a High

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has reached another milestone. The FB stock rose more than 2% to end up at a new high of $81.88. Facebook now has a market capitalization of a staggering $227.66 billion. Facebook has been performing well for some time. Therefore this new milestone seems appropriate and not really that surprising.

Facebook has been working on some very interesting stuff in the past year. The biggest social networking site acquired Oculus Rift this year. The said acquisition cost Facebook around $2 Billion. The deal was seen by most as a positive one.

Facebook has also been looking to build its customer base, which is already pretty staggering. The social networking site has tried to make FB better on the mobile platform. They have revamped the messenger app and have formally acquired WhatsApp. The WhatsApp deal was another major deal which cost Facebook $22 Billion.

Facebook Inc: FB hits highs

Facebook has been looking for various new innovative apps and advertising methods. Recently, Facebook revealed that they have indeed been experimenting on the way advertisements are shown on the social networking site. They believe that such experiments can lead to more focused advertising which would benefit both the advertiser and the user.

Facebook also brought the very popular Instagram. The deal was another billion dollar one for Facebook. However, most analysts observe that the deal could actually be a very shrewd one. Many believe that Facebook’s Instagram acquisition would help the social networking site gain teen users. This should help Facebook in the coming times. Instagram’s value is only growing with time.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) caps off the year 2014 on the above mentioned highs. It certainly deserves to do so. The acquisitions of WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus rift should help see the stock perform well in the coming days too. The customer base of Facebook is growing at a good pace. Moreover, Facebook is looking to expand its mobile revenues too. All in all, a good 2015 could be expected from the stock.

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