Stock in Focus: Apple (NASDAQ AAPL) iCloud has New Tools

Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) has unveiled a new Activation Lock Status tool through which users can know beforehand whether the used iPhone, iPad or iPod they are buying is locked or unlocked, according to iDownloadblog. The app can be accessed through, and the buyer can determine the current status of the device by entering the IMEI or serial number of the device.

The Cupertino, California-based company originally launched the Activation Lock along with iOS 7, and the idea was to prevent iPhones and iPads from being stolen. A user can lock his or her device by turning on Find My Phone to a user’s Apple ID account. The theft of iPhones was reduced after the launch of the Activation Lock feature, but it creates a hurdle for second-hand buyers of iOS devices.

If the original owner has locked the phone and sold it someone else, then it will be of no use except when the original owner unlocks it. The buyer of the used iOS device will be actively prompted with a username and password to unlock it and use the phone. You will also be presented with suggestions on how to remove the Activation Lock from the used device like contacting the previous owner.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL): iCloud

Apple Inc (NASDAQ AAPL) is continuing to focus on device and system security, especially following iCloud-related leak of nude pictures of celebrities. However, law enforcement authorities are not happy with the enhanced security and privacy features that the company is including in its devices.

Last week, the company announced that it will not have any access to the encrypted data in the iOS devices. The FBI criticized the decision made by Apple, saying that the company is putting users above the law.

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Apple Inc financial news (NASDAQ AAPL)

Recently, FBI director James Comey told reporters at FBI headquarters in Washington, “I am a huge believer in the rule of law, but I am also a believer that no one in this country is above the law.” Comey added that the issue is that these companies are marketing a device that puts people above the law.

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