Stock in Focus: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Messenger App on Dicy Grounds

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Messenger privacy policy is using part of Android legal terms and conditions, much of which doesn’t apply any longer, thereby aggravating the fears of Users over the privacy policies. The new Facebook Messenger app has many people concerned because the app can access their personal information and record conversations without notifying users.

The app will also be able to access your contact list, and see your phone call log including who you called and how long the call lasted.

Downloading the app also gives permission for Facebook to send photos back and forth. If you choose not to download it, it does mean you won’t be able to send messages through the Facebook application on your phone.

Facebook Inc: Facebook Messenger App Privacy Fears

“It makes me feel really angry. I think it’s a complete invasion of my privacy,” Emily Wilkinson said about the app. Wilkinson said she wishes she would have paid more attention to the terms of service just one day ago when she downloaded the app on her smart phone. “We are growing up in a digital age but it’s hard knowing everything you do is followed. It’s weird that Facebook and other apps are getting involved in your phone. It’s weird that I completely overlooked it,” Wilkinson said.

Social media consultant Sarah Milston, who runs The Spark Mill, said the new changes with Facebook Messenger will affect users starting this week. Milston said she has already received calls from clients and explained that those who choose to download the app are giving Facebook the right to access their cameras and microphones.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

It is interesting to note how the facts and issues have changed very dramatically since the Edward Snowden news first broke. At first, the big media re-assured us that Snowden is a criminal and the US government is not spying on individuals. Then slowly the real story started to leak out.
Not only is the US spook apparatus spying on US citizens with no terrorist affiliation, but they brazenly use the technical spy system to “snoop,” as it was described in the certain respected big media, on a Senate committee investigating the CIA for abuse.

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