Stock in Focus: Facebook (NASDAQ FB) Sets Its Own Sets of Privacy Standards

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) is now signaling a change from the previous version of CEO Mark Zuckerberg views over privacy. Previously, Zuckerberg said that privacy was not a social norm anymore in the society that is likely to share everything. However, the change is mainly limited to setting its definition of privacy or taking a middle route by monetizing privacy as well keeping users at ease.

In June, the company expanded its ad network and reformatted the settings for the ads display on its news feed elaborating why users are seeing a particular ad. In April, the social networker made an attempt to detail users on their privacy settings. Also, in April, Facebook made another change with the help of which users can log into third-party apps without sharing their personal information.

When asked about the privacy issued, Zuckerberg said during the call, “There is just a lot more that people want to express and that they need the tools to express with smaller groups of people, not just one person at a time but smaller groups, as well.”

Facebook Inc: Privacy Problems

Recently, the company conducted a mood-manipulation inviting lot of criticism from users as well as privacy advocates. It seems like the discussion will not be sedated so easily. In June, Facebook gathered information from all over the web to know more about the kinds of ads to be shown to the users, which is a common practice among the advertising companies.

However, privacy watchdogs from the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue, which is a consumer group from the United States and Europe taking up number of social policy issues, said that such experiments will increase the amount of data with Facebook manifold and that users were kept in the dark for any such experiments.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

The social networking site Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has not been in the good books of the users, when it comes to privacy as the sole purpose of the platform is to share data, which in turn mobilizes the business. But Facebook has failed to understand the things that users want to share and the ones they don’t want others to know, which has wafted the hot discussions all over the world.

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