Stock in News: A look at Facebook’s (NASDAQ FB) New Acquisition

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) has recently been in news for some exciting acquisitions. They have acquired another start-up which deals with video compression. Quickfire, a video compression start-up has been acquired by Facebook. This acquisition comes after the recent acquisition of Facebook has been looking to become a big player in the field of online videos, and such acquisitions should go a long way in their efforts.

Facebook has been performing well in the stock market. They have been buoyed by the recent acquisitions and its performance has only got better with time. Quickfire has become rather popular as a start-up which provides the functionality of conversion of different video formats into versions which take lesser bandwidths.

During this process, the video quality does not suffer. Hence, Quickfire provides Facebook with another interesting innovation outlet. Facebook has been targeting to get more users post videos on its platform. With the help of Quickfire, they may be able to get their users upload videos directly on Facebook, without the help of sites like Youtube.

Facebook Inc: A Quick Fire Acquisition for FB

This acquisition from Facebook looks very impressive indeed. Apart from the fact that quick fire has some very impressive technology, Quick Fire also has a very impressive employee group. Quickfire has already announced that some of its core business unit would be joining Facebook.

They have also announced that they would be closing their operations in the coming days. Facebook would be looking to make the most of this acquisition. The move should lead to faster loading of videos on both mobile and desktop platforms. However, the exact changes that Facebook undergoes, remains to be seen.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) stock has gone through a very good phase in recent times. The stock has been performing as expected. Facebook would be hoping to continue their run of form in 2015.

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