Stock in News: Checking out the Google (NASDAQ GOOG) Fi Program

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) remains one of the most innovative technology companies in the world right now. One of the latest projects which has been associated with Google is that of Google Fi. With Project Fi, Google aims at making internet faster and seamless. Google would be delivering this project in partnership with various service providers and hardware makers. This is one project which is being heavily anticipated.

Here in this article, we will take a closer look at this Google Fi program which is making so much news. It would be interesting to see how the stock might react to this program. We will also look at the probably release dates for the program in different parts of the US.

Project Fi is one of the newest initiatives from Google. Project Fi is aimed to make the plans and pricing decisions easier for the users. It would help give users more variety and make things cheaper for the users. Therefore Fi would help bring a cheaper internet to various parts of the world.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Google Fi

The most basic Google Fi program can be obtained at only $20 per month. This plan would include unlimited domestic and low cost international talk and Wifi tethering. Moreover, further data charges plan can be used as and when required.

Google Fi would be dependent on Wifi for most of its use and therefore for the project to be successful, it would require a lot of effort from the cable operators. Google Fi can be a significant project if it is able to bind with these operators and provide Wifi tethering, which is the most attractive part of this project.

Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ GOOG)

Google (NASDAQ GOOG) remains a top stock which can easily make into a portfolio. It would be exciting to see how the stock behaves in the coming days with so much happening around the stock.

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