Stock in News: Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) Comments On Windows 10 Release Date

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) have made it clear that Windows 10 release would still take a lot of time. It was made clear that the time frame would not be relevant for the developers preview. The expected developer preview currently stands in the summer of 2015.

While addressing a Credit Suisse event, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner made the above comments. He made it clear that the release of Windows 10 is still far far away. Turner also said that the end consumer experience would be talked about sometime in the coming spring. News of an early January event had made rounds in media.

Microsoft has been fast projecting itself as a mobile-first, cloud-first company. Since Satya Nadella took over from Steve Balmer, Microsoft has made it very clear that they would move away from the core money making products. Since its formation, Windows has proven to be the major product of Microsoft. What priority Microsoft gives to Windows 10 remains to be seen.

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Microsoft would want to make the memory of Windows 8 fade away. Windows 10 comes in with great expectations from the users. Windows 10 would aim to have the users of Windows 8 somehow migrate to the new interface. Microsoft is hoping that the users would accept the new version of Windows as their default OS.

However, as stated earlier, Microsoft has been looking into cloud and mobile based products and platforms. Both Office 365 and Enterprise Operations of Microsoft have been performing increasingly well in the recent times. In fact, they have outperformed windows to some extent. Currently, Office 365 has around 7 millions users.

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Windows 10 aims to introduce a single platform for developers for mobile, PC and Xbox. Basically this aims to make the life fluid for developers. Perhaps, Windows 10 may well go on to replace Windows Mobile Phone OS. Turner further promised to make more details known in the coming year.

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