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Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) announced Windows 10 way back on September 30. This latest Operating System from Microsoft is scheduled to conquer the market in 2015. Currently Windows 10 remains in the testing phase. However, we do know the major components of the operating system which we can expect to see. Here we will take a quick preview of the much awaited Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 aims to make the users’ life easier. It aims to bring in a radical change in terms of the functionality and design of the operating system. Windows 8 was a rather forgettable experience for Microsoft and their users. Microsoft would hope to have Windows 10 erase the bad work of Windows 8. They would be hoping to have the users migrate to the new platform.

Windows 10 also has other major features like revival of the start menu, virtual desktop environment and the usage of Windows Store apps even in the desktop version. Microsoft aims to make Windows 10 work efficiently on non-touchscreen devices- like desktops and laptops.

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Windows 10 has features of both Windows 8 and Windows 8 predecessors. The starting screen has a lot of resemblance to the Windows 8 starting screen. The most basic difference is the start menu option which Windows 10 would provide. The start menu is similar to the ones used in the previous Windows versions. Start menu would also have the tiles used in Windows 8, making it even more efficient.

Windows 10 also has the virtual desktop feature. This is something new from Microsoft, however Linux and Mac have been providing the same for some years now. Moreover, apps can also be moved from one environment to another.

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Microsoft has made quite a few tweaks to Window 8 and hopes to put in as much difference between Windows 8 and 10 as possible. However, Nadella led Microsoft still does keep a mobile-first opinion. This is easy to see from the released demo version. Yet, Microsoft has dubbed Windows 10 as the most comprehensive platform ever.

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