Stock Predictions: What 2015 holds for Facebook (NASDAQ FB)

Facebook (NASDAQ FB) was one stock which had a good 2014. With the acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram, facebook was able to enhance its own reputation. Here in this article, we will take a look at the potential of Facebook in the coming year. We will take a look at what the stockholders can expect from the stock and what FB might be upto in the coming year.

According to various reports in the market, Facebook may be looking to add more apps to their portfolio. They had already made their messenger app as a force download. Therefore this news does not come as a big surprise. Facebook reportedly hopes to make apps which can look at singular things perfectly.

Facebook has added a lot of users in both desktop and mobile formats. The stock hopes to make it big in terms of the recent acquisitions. While the forced Messenger app led to a lot of criticism, Facebook’s new apps should be received in a lot better way. Also, the fact that Facebook has been looking to make specialized apps, should help with its acceptance.

Facebook Inc: FB in 2015

Analysts have predicted a strong 2015 for Facebook. They have predicted 2015 to be even better than 2014 for Facebook. In 2014, Facebook stock price increased from $54 to $80. Analysts believe that the acquisitions of whatsapp and instagram would result in a higher stock growth. Analysts have marked a target of $90 for the FB stock.

With the increase in users and the added revenue stream from WhatsApp and Instagram, FB may yet be able to perform per expectations. Therefore such ratings do not come as a surprise. How the stock actually performs in the new year, remains to be seen.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ FB) Business News

Facebook stock was one of the best performing stocks in 2014. As the new year begins, stock holders would be expecting similar performance from FB. Stay tuned to FB, in order to know more about the stock.

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