(NASDAQ GOOG) Google shares Prototype of Project Ara Phone

In an important development which should have long term implications for the Google stock, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) shared images of a prototype of the Project Ara smartphone during the Google I/O event. Project Ara was initially in the news in late 2013. Project Ara seeks to enable modular phones whose parts can be mixed and matched on the fly.

The launch of this prototype from Google is very impressive, considering just how fast Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects(ATAP) group created a working prototype. Google has set the date for the launch of Ara phones as next January.

The biggest challenge to the Project Ara remains the challenge of cutting the amount of space taken up by the parts that enable modularity, and building drivers that can support a wide array of 3rd-party modules. Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) also mentioned that the battery technologies would feature technology which has triple the energy density of standard batteries, leading to a reduced cycle life. These batteries won’t last more than 300 recharges.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Prototype of Project Ara

The Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) Ara prototype, which is dubbed Spiral 1, looks like a finished device save for the fact the power switch needs to be shortened. The device was powered during the Google I/O event although the gadget did crash. Ara’s chief Paul Eremenko introduced the Spiral 1 and shared technical details on how to build a modular phone.

Eremenko explained the current prototype utilizes FPGAs to effect the industry standard UniPro MIPI packet-switched network protocol to provide something of an interconnect between models. The antennae modules utilize the metal phone chassis to give reception a boost. As expected, the Ara phone will be powered by Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) Android operating system which will be updated to support third-part module hotplugging.

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Google Inc Financial News (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Google plans to have Ara, which aims to let smartphone buyers mix and match components such as a device’s camera, display, and CPU, support three device sizes. Google will supply “electronics backbones” for the devices, but will rely on third parties to provide the modules that run on top of them. Google has announced the first phone for its Project Ara custom/modular phone initiative will arrive in January, and sell for just $50.

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