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As a huge multinational concern with operations in virtually every corner of the globe, Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) understands the importance of product localization. Providing users with services in their own home in their own language is one of Google’s most important goals.

In furtherance of this major company goal, Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) announced that it was now offering its Google Maps service in Hindi throughout India. Google Maps users in India can now choose to view map entries in Hindi.

Today’s announcement from the search giant specified that Google Maps in Hindi will be available for both desktop and android mobile phone users, who can now view Hindi names for cities, towns, important roads as well as points of interest including public parks, hospitals, museums and schools. The new Hindi service will be available for all Google Maps users in India.

Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) News: Google Maps

Suren Ruhela, Product and Program Management Director for Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG), said in the announcement that the new Google Maps Hindi service was a part of the firm’s global plans to make maps more useful for users on a local basis.

“We made maps useful across the user group whose needs are uniform. The new Google Map service is more useful and the user can take a virtual tour of a place where he wants to go and launching it in Hindi will give comfort to the Hindi users,” he explained. It should be noted that in order to view map location data in Hindi, users must enable Hindi as their preferred language on each of their mobile or desktop devices.

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Although he did not offer a specific timetable, Ruhela also mentioned that Google Inc (NASDAQ GOOG) has long-term plans to make Google Maps data available in other Indian regional languages in the future assuming the feedback on the current initiative is positive.

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