Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Video Sharing App Vine Rolls New Edit, Import Features For iOS

With over 100 million people watching Vines across the web every month and more than 1 billion loops every day, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s video sharing app, Vine, has introduced new features that allow users edit and import video from their camera. The advanced video editing and video importing features announced are big boost to the six-second video sharing application.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)sVine, today in a blogpost, announced a new camera feature that gives users the freedom to create a Vine in any way they want. The new camera offers ways to edit videos as well as import existing videos on phone, finally turning them into Vines.

The update is rolling out now for iOS users, while Android users will have to wait for sometime to get this update. However, there’s no time-frame announced for the Android release.

Coming back to the features, from the capture screen, users will now see a new option in the bottom left corner that will enable them to import a video. Interestingly, users will have the option to either select one video or mix together multiple videos. In addition, slow-motion videos are also supported, Vine said in its blogpost.

Also, the advanced editing feature allows users to edit their Vines “faster and with more precision.” To access the editing feature, users will just have to tap the scissors from preview screen to explore the new editing tools – the duplicate and the mute button. Along with that, with the help of preview and undo button, users can preview their last clip from the capture screen with just one tap, and can undo the same by tapping the same button.

All said about the new features, Vines also allows users to shoot great Vines by tapping the wrench from the capture screen. When done, they will get access to a second layer of camera tools, including grid, the focus lock, ghost mode, and a new torch feature. The focus lock now works with both front-facing as well as rear-facing camera, while the ghost mode helps users see the last frame of their previous shot, and the super-amazing torch feature helps to shoot videos in low-light settings. The final video can be shared on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s social media Twitter account.

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