Twitter Stock (NYSE:TWTR) Business News : Mobile Ads, New CFO and World Cup Impact


With a new CFO, the Twitter stock makes the news on Wall Street. For a couple of weeks, World Cup 2014 has been a great success for Twitter. The worldwide soccer event has a strong impact on audience and user engagement. On the business front, Twitter Inc. has impressive plans for mobile, including a new move to implement Applications install ads to boost mobile revenues from Twitter users. A lot of business news for the Twitter stock (NYSE:TWTR).

In July, Twitter rolls ot mobile app install ads throughout its mobile services. Twitter is embracing mobile ads that have been lucrative for Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). They are called app-install ads. Advertisers prompt users to download or launch apps. Game developers in particular have gravitated to this kind of advertising to get more people to try their games.

For months, Twitter had been testing the new format. It said Monday the ads are being rolled out around the globe. The ads will be sold on a per click basis.

Business impact of Twitter, Google SEO and World Cup 2014

For nearly two hours on Thursday, Twitter’s list of worldwide trending topics was dominated by hashtags like #GermanyvsUSA and #PORGHA for the two World Cup matches taking place. When Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal for Portugal, the phrase finally Ronaldo started trending. When it was determined that the U.S. would advance to the next round to play Belgium, USA vs Belgium entered the list.

Founded in 2006, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called “tweets”. Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Twitter CEO is Dick Costolo. There has been much speculation over the past couple of years about whether or not links shared on social media factor into Google’s search rankings. Up until fairly recently, Google has remained quiet on the issue, leaving marketers wondering what role social signals really played when it came to SEO.

Twitter Names Goldman’s Anthony Noto as CFO

Twitter stock (NYSE:TWTR) reacted to the nomination of Goldman Sachs’s Noto as a new CFO of the Internet service. The progression of social media companies and the outsized role they have come to play in the markets is undeniable. In the past two years, firms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, along with a variety of other technology firms, were launched into the public markets, handsomely rewarding investors and helping indexes reach new highs. Social media investors who got in early and continued to hold onto their initial positions throughout this year’s gyrations have received phenomenal returns. This even includes Twitter, which cratered after reaching a high of $73 just after Christmas last year, becoming the poster child for investors souring on once-hot growth stocks. Watch this video and learn what is the corporate strategy behind Twitter’s planned acquisition of ad-tech firm TapCommerce and the naming of Anthony Noto as CFO? Wall Street Journal’s Brian Fitzgerald joins MoneyBeat in video.

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